Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." 
~ Clarence Budington Kelland

Not only is he incredibly handsome, a wonderful husband, and a second to none nurse (I've been healing all weekend from wisdom teeth extraction), he will be a phenomenal Daddy. Adam, I can't wait to see you in action!

You are the most patient, funny, steadfast, and kind person I know. I am so proud that you are mine! I am grateful that you seek the Lord's wisdom and direction for our lives, and always encourage me to do the same. Thank you for praying for us as we continue to take the necessary steps to become a family. I am so thankful for your reassuring words and calming presence when I'm uneasy or anxious. Thank you for leading our little family, you are the best! You will carry on the wonderful legacy of fatherhood that has been left for you by your father, and his father before him!

I love you so much and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Kate, Harry, Brady &  Baby H.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Steps

Put on your walking or running shoes and join us Saturday October 27th in New Braunfels, Texas for the Chosen Marathon for Adoption!

If you haven't figured out yet, this is not Katti writing.  I know I know, you thought, "WOW! Katti's writing has really improved since her last post!"  Haha, just kidding.  This is actually one of the first non-technical things I have written since college so bear with me.

Katti took up the hobby of running last summer and convinced me to join in December last year.  I always thought distance running was not for me but have really embraced it since I started.  It is a great way to get away and think...or not think and just zone out.  Both of these aspects can appeal to anyone that has a busy stressful life (a.k.a. - EVERYONE). 

I did my first half marathon in February this year at the Cowtown Race in Fort Worth.  It was amazing and I couldn't wait to start training for the next race.  I was addicted.  Katti and I then decided to sign up for the Chicago 13.1 Half Marathon which we are running this Saturday!  If you would have told me this time last year that I would have run in 2 half marathons I would have laughed you out of town. 

When Katti and I decided to begin pursuing our adoption we couldn't help but to read and hear about the enormous cost that goes along with growing your family this way, especially internationally.  We did a quick search on everyone's favorite, Google, for an adoption race and the first link was the Chosen Marathon for Adoption.  This is a national event and it is within 300 miles of us in one of our favorite Texas destinations!  We knew we had to put a team together and use our hobby to help grow our family.

When I was signing myself up for this race one of the questions was deciding between the half marathon and the full marathon.  Even though I know my body would hate me for it, I chose the full marathon.  Katti asked me why in the world I would choose the full marathon and looked at me like I was crazy.  I told her that if I can do something that I know in my mind is impossible (a full marathon), then there is nothing that can stop us from overcoming any adoption challenge that may come our way. 

Anyone that is interested in joining with Baby Steps in October please feel free to contact me for further details, advice on training (even though I am definitely still an amateur), or just general information. 

This race is a great way to celebrate adoption and fundraise for adoptive families.  The entry fees for everyone that joins our team will go directly to help support our adoption!  Our team name is Baby Steps (thanks dad for the name idea).  If you're interested in learning more or joining our team please follow the link and READ MORE.  Make sure you choose team Baby Steps/Team Henderson when registering.

P.S. We will be designing athletic gear for our team as well as regular tee-shirts...more on that to come later.  Get excited!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

No morning sickness, but the paper cuts are killer...

Organization at its finest
Hubs working on our Dossier
Well, it's the third day of summer vacation and we've hit the ground running gathering paperwork for our dossier. To say we're overwhelmed is an understatement. From printing malfunctions to attachment opening issues, we've seen the gauntlet. We've just been working on trying to focus on the silver lining. We are literally and figuratively taking baby steps.I have self prescribed reading glasses because it seems that all adoption paperwork is in size 6 font.

We've got our medical appointments next week, certified copies of our birth certificates ordered, and are currently looking for an agency to perform our home study. The ball is rolling. 

I asked Adam if he thought our child had even been born. He said he thought so.

My heart sank

The very thought of our child existing without us is a scary and torturous feeling. It's difficult to fathom that right now, at this very moment, our child is somewhere that is too far away for me to hold. 

For this I pray
"Father, I pray that where ever our child is and whomever they are with, they are loved, snuggled, and cared for. I pray that they are healthy, well fed, and smile daily. God, I ask that you instill something in their little heart that tells them we are coming.And may that bring comfort. I pray for a peace that only comes from you. Amen."

Please continue to pray specifically that God will grant us favor during this paperwork process. Pray that progress is plenty and roadblocks are few. 

Throughout my research, I am humbled by how many couples are  going through this process. Please pray for them too. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Full Heart

Today was the last day of school. The parent paparazzi was in full force today. 

If you know me, you know that I've never dealt well with transitions. Today marks the end of my second year teaching. Two of those two years have been spent with the same children. This fact made the day even more difficult. I've had these children for 8 hours a day for 360 days. It is weird because I look forward to summer break all year, and now it's here and all day I found myself dreading the end.

The uncertainty of beginnings and ends are always dreadful for me. I will choose to reside in the middle. Middles are safe and predictable. I had more students cry today than I had anticipated. Part of me wanted to tell them to save their tears for middle school, they'd need them there. However, I didn't want to be pessimistic, but I know we can all agree, those are some difficult years. In all honesty, they're amazing kids, and I have no doubt that they'll accomplish many amazing things. Their insight and creativity amazes me, and I love to see them learn and grow.

I received the posted letter from a student and it made my heart so incredibly full that I thought it would burst. I haven't mentioned motherhood or parenting to my students at all,  so it means so much to hear that I will be a good mommy from a student. My students are the closest thing to a child that I have right now. I hope that I have been nurturing and kind when needed, as well as stern and strict when necessary. I pray that they always knew that my classroom  was a safe place to make a mistake. It is my highest intention that they will walk away from this year having learned the importance of kindness. I hope that they've grown in their confidence, security, and developed a lifelong sense of curiosity.

I've been a bit weepy all afternoon. I'm grateful that I'll have more time to get to working on the completion of our dossier now that things have slowed down.

I'm learning that some of the most significant and integral parts of our existence happen in the beginnings and ends of our life chapters. I think I'll marinate on that for a bit.

When It comes down to it, I want nothing more than to be a part of the parent paparazzi.