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3 Years of Chosen

Our boy turns one very soon.
 I'm in some kind of weird state of denial that he has already been in our lives for a year. It has been such an amazing year full of transition, joy, exhaustion, learning, and love. As I look back I am amazed at how much our lives have changed. We didn't have a lot of notice before Isaac came into our lives, and everything shifted so quickly and so dramatically. The one thing I feel above everything is thankfulness…and I'm in awe at how just right it feels.

We ran The Chosen Marathon for the third year in a row. Each year has brought about different emotions for me. Since this blog serves as a time capsule of sorts, and at the ripe old age of 28 things are already starting to blur, I've decided to do a recap.

Year 1--We had just started the adoption process and had no baby in our arms or minds, only in our hearts. My step-dad, Chuck, had unexpectedly passed away the week before. We were determined to keep running. We ran. I remember clutch…