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So. Here goes.

Well, I guess the new blog title speaks for itself. Adam and I are so excited to announce that we are embarking on the journey of adoption. We are so excited to become parents. We're both aware that this could be a long process, but nonetheless, we're grateful for the Lord's direction for our lives. I started this blog originally to chronicle my first year of teaching, and figured I'd continue using the same site to babble on about our goings on.

We'll update later with more information, but we just wanted to get it out there. We're going to become a family of 3, and we are so excited. If you're looking for an amazing book regarding adoption, you've got to check out Adopted for Life.  This book is a phenomenal parallel between earthly adoption and the heavenly adoption we've received in Christ. Adam and I are finding so much identity in this book and we're hanging on every word.

Friends&Family, We want you all to know that your support, pray…