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My wish for you

To be a self motivated, self directed learner. To develop a natural curiosity and an angst to go after the unknown. To value literature, meaningful quotes and those thinkers who have gone before them. To create from within a lifelong yearning to continue to build and cultivate their knowledge about life,  themselves and the world around them.

This is what I hope for you, my students. Those children who are entrusted to me on a daily basis, I hope to reach these overarching ideas with our daily warm-ups, fraction books and science experiments about matter. I hope to accomplish these goals by my own passion and commentary of what enormous value my formal education is to me.

I want to inspire and shape my students into citizens who can compete in this ever-changing world. And mostly, I want them to have a good day.

When I simplify my job to the aforementioned goals I feel a lot less stressed out. I do what I can with what I have for as long as I can.

I was wimpering to Adam the other da…

Snow Day: Cabin Fever

Welp. We're on day 2 of no work due to this crazy weather. I'm enjoying every bit of the fire in the fireplace, fierce scrabble tournaments and hot chocolate. Adam's here with me, as well as Brady and Harry.

and squeaks...

We braved the icy roads and went on a rescue mission to get Squeaks from my classroom. When I left on Monday I was sure that I'd be coming back on Tuesday. I have this personal grudge against newscasters. I think they're all alarmists that intentionally scare people out of going about their normal lives due to the impending TREACHEROUS ICE STORM!!

Well, lo and behold....Squeaks was left in my classroom without heat and in rolled an actual TREACHEROUS ICE STORM! I had this vision of me standing in front of my class explaining to them that squeaks froze to death and was now in Guinea Pig heaven. Nope, I certainly couldn't life with myself if I returned to my classroom to find a squeakscicle.

Truly, Adam and I were petrified as we skidded down t…

From dishes to life

So I woke up this morning and washed the dishes that have been sitting in our sink this week. The contents in the aforementioned sink were very symbolic of the kind of week I had.

I washed: 4 wine glasses, 4 coffee cups, 2 thermoses, and a pot and 2 bowls we used the night we had Ramen Noodles.

Needless to say, I'm failing miserably my New Years Resolution to cook more.

I'm full swing back into school, and that first week back was NUTS! This week was a bit more controlled except for the fact that it was too cold outside and we had indoor recess 4 days this week! Indoor recess means that the two teachers on recess duty divide the entire 4th grade in half and bring them back to their classrooms. It should be illegal to make 4th grade boys have indoor recess for that many consecutive days. Seriously,  puzzles, monopoly and heads up seven up will only work for so long until they start to literally climb the walls.

It has been cold, it snowed even. I resent the snow because it wasn…

Monday, you are no friend of mine.

I. Am. So. Dead. Today. I think I may be blogging from the after life. This morning hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean, considering the last 2 consecutive Mondays I was sawing logs til' about noon, the only 5 I've seen in a few weeks has been PM! Besides, I tossed and turned all night because I'm reading a terrifying book that is narrated by a libyan terrorist. No good sleep comes from reading that sucker 20 minutes before bed. Eh, that's neither here nor there.

I didn't even have kids today, it was an inservice day for teachers. Of course there was one ditzo who brought his dreary eyed daughter to school this morning only to discover that school doesn't start until tomorrow. He had the nerve to angrily exclaim, "Did I MISS SOMETHING HERE?!??"

What I felt like saying-"Well, maybe you missed the the ONLINE CALENDAR, MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS, YOUR Kid's PLANNER or  THE numerous other places where JANUARY 4th was printed. MAYBE you missed the POINT…