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Is Waiting an Action Verb?

I have been working at this forearm handstand pose for ages. Let me tell you, I have fallen on my face so, so many times. In my defeat,  I finally took the time to learn how to strengthen the other parts of my body (core, shoulders, back) needed to conquer this challenging pose.

Life Lesson:

The end game isn’t always what it’s all about. It is SO about the process, compadres. If I had nailed this pose right away,  I would  most certainly lack the strength, discipline, and patience that it took for me to get where I ultimately needed and wanted to be.

Refinement, my friends is painful, yet holy. Falling on my face is painful, yet…umm…painful.

All jokes aside, this is such a tender reminder that God sees the whole picture when we only see a part.

When we spend time doubting and groaning because we can't "get it," I believe God is lovingly looking at us with His unending grace and urging our hearts to just rest in His sovereignty.

I need this truth. It is my anchor.

I titled my bl…