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Snow Day: Cabin Fever

Welp. We're on day 2 of no work due to this crazy weather. I'm enjoying every bit of the fire in the fireplace, fierce scrabble tournaments and hot chocolate. Adam's here with me, as well as Brady and Harry.

and squeaks...

We braved the icy roads and went on a rescue mission to get Squeaks from my classroom. When I left on Monday I was sure that I'd be coming back on Tuesday. I have this personal grudge against newscasters. I think they're all alarmists that intentionally scare people out of going about their normal lives due to the impending TREACHEROUS ICE STORM!!

Well, lo and behold....Squeaks was left in my classroom without heat and in rolled an actual TREACHEROUS ICE STORM! I had this vision of me standing in front of my class explaining to them that squeaks froze to death and was now in Guinea Pig heaven. Nope, I certainly couldn't life with myself if I returned to my classroom to find a squeakscicle.

Truly, Adam and I were petrified as we skidded down t…