Thursday, September 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy

Today is a day filled with mixed emotions. It is, what my fifth graders described, my golden birthday. It's the day that I turn the exact age of the date my birthday fell on. In other words, I'm twenty-seven on the twenty-seventh.

There are moments about today that will feel golden, I'm sure. However, my heart is heavy today. Today is Alex's first birthday. What I would give to hold him and hug him today. What it would mean to me to be the one that lit the lone candle on his birthday cake. How precious it would be to see a picture of how he's grown.

We hesitated about whether or not to post these. We decided that, in an attempt NOT to share our pain, but rather to share the immense joy that Alex brought into our lives, we would share some pictures of our boy as we celebrate his birthday and the time we spent with him.

We hope and pray these images will stay with your heart so that you might join us in praying for Alex all the days of his life.
To my forever birthday buddy. I miss you more than words.

I also wanted to share a beautiful song written and performed by a dear family friend, Kristen Chiu. She wrote this song after I posted the blog about losing Alex. It took me awhile to listen to it, but when I did I was so moved. I will cherish this song always.

The moment we met you. The best day of my life to date.

Please enjoy this beautiful, heartfelt song written and performed by Kristen Chiu. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chosen Marathon 2013

Adam here -

It’s that time again!  We are training for and running in the Chosen Marathon for adoption in New Braunfels, TX.  We didn’t know if we would create a team again this year but decided to jump in and make it happen.  Most of you remember that we did the race last year to get support for our adoption.  The funds raised as well as the non-financial support (prayers, awareness) were tremendous and helped to offset the cost of the adoption last year and we thank everyone that helped us in that event.  We truly could not have made it through without all the support we received.

2013 Chosen Marathon is on October 26th in New Braunfels, TX.  The event allows adopting families to raise awareness and funds for their adoption by building a team for the race.  Also, there is an option for the non-runner to support a team and not run.

The race has three events: Full Marathon 26.2 miles, Half Marathon 13.1 miles, and kids fun run 1 mile.  Also, as stated above, there is an option in the registration page to be a ‘sleepwalker’.  This gives people the opportunity to support a team without attending the race

The best support we can ask for is prayer and encouragement throughout the process.  When people ask me how Katti and I get through the tough emotional journey that is adoption, I tell them that it is not just the two of us.  God, our family, friends, and countless others - The prayer and encouragement we have received from everyone listed above has picked us up, pushed us along, and kept us on our feet.  Again we ask for this support.  If you would like to support financially, you can sign up for the race either as a participant or sleepwalker or donate directly to our team, Baby Steps.

Thanks again for your support both in the past year as well as upcoming.  Without the overwhelming support we have received we would not be where we are today.  Thanks you – Much Love!

Adam & Kate