Monday, June 4, 2012

No morning sickness, but the paper cuts are killer...

Organization at its finest
Hubs working on our Dossier
Well, it's the third day of summer vacation and we've hit the ground running gathering paperwork for our dossier. To say we're overwhelmed is an understatement. From printing malfunctions to attachment opening issues, we've seen the gauntlet. We've just been working on trying to focus on the silver lining. We are literally and figuratively taking baby steps.I have self prescribed reading glasses because it seems that all adoption paperwork is in size 6 font.

We've got our medical appointments next week, certified copies of our birth certificates ordered, and are currently looking for an agency to perform our home study. The ball is rolling. 

I asked Adam if he thought our child had even been born. He said he thought so.

My heart sank

The very thought of our child existing without us is a scary and torturous feeling. It's difficult to fathom that right now, at this very moment, our child is somewhere that is too far away for me to hold. 

For this I pray
"Father, I pray that where ever our child is and whomever they are with, they are loved, snuggled, and cared for. I pray that they are healthy, well fed, and smile daily. God, I ask that you instill something in their little heart that tells them we are coming.And may that bring comfort. I pray for a peace that only comes from you. Amen."

Please continue to pray specifically that God will grant us favor during this paperwork process. Pray that progress is plenty and roadblocks are few. 

Throughout my research, I am humbled by how many couples are  going through this process. Please pray for them too. 


  1. Father, I pray for favor over Katti and Adam and baby Henderson. I pray that there would be an acceleration in process to bring the 3 of them together miraculously. I pray that the peace of Christ would guard their hearts and minds and pray for protection over them during this time. Fill them with your love and joy. I pray for a constant awareness of your Presence that brings hope and revelation of your power working in and for them. Overwhelm them with the joy that comes from being yours. Thank you God, for your goodness toward them. Thank you for the way adoption mirrors what you have done for us in Christ.
    In the name of Jesus, amen.

  2. I can relate to that feeling, since we identified our son on a waiting children's list I struggle so much to know that all this time is passing by and he is living without us. My only comfort comes from the fact that I know God's spirit is with him as he waits for us to come get him. He will be with your child as well, as you hold him or her in your prayers. :-)