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My wish for you

To be a self motivated, self directed learner. To develop a natural curiosity and an angst to go after the unknown. To value literature, meaningful quotes and those thinkers who have gone before them. To create from within a lifelong yearning to continue to build and cultivate their knowledge about life,  themselves and the world around them.

This is what I hope for you, my students. Those children who are entrusted to me on a daily basis, I hope to reach these overarching ideas with our daily warm-ups, fraction books and science experiments about matter. I hope to accomplish these goals by my own passion and commentary of what enormous value my formal education is to me.

I want to inspire and shape my students into citizens who can compete in this ever-changing world. And mostly, I want them to have a good day.

When I simplify my job to the aforementioned goals I feel a lot less stressed out. I do what I can with what I have for as long as I can.

I was wimpering to Adam the other da…