Saturday, January 15, 2011

From dishes to life

So I woke up this morning and washed the dishes that have been sitting in our sink this week. The contents in the aforementioned sink were very symbolic of the kind of week I had.

I washed: 4 wine glasses, 4 coffee cups, 2 thermoses, and a pot and 2 bowls we used the night we had Ramen Noodles.

Needless to say, I'm failing miserably my New Years Resolution to cook more.

I'm full swing back into school, and that first week back was NUTS! This week was a bit more controlled except for the fact that it was too cold outside and we had indoor recess 4 days this week! Indoor recess means that the two teachers on recess duty divide the entire 4th grade in half and bring them back to their classrooms. It should be illegal to make 4th grade boys have indoor recess for that many consecutive days. Seriously,  puzzles, monopoly and heads up seven up will only work for so long until they start to literally climb the walls.

It has been cold, it snowed even. I resent the snow because it wasn't enough for a snowman or a snow day, or anything else the snow has the potential to offer. It just snowed enough to be an inconvenience.

I mean, I guess it was pretty to watch.

I had 5 kids over the course of the week go home in my class with a horrible stomach virus. So needless to say I spent the week trying to decide if I was nauseous or not.

So for now, I'm avoiding the cold by snuggling up on the couch, blogging, and having a cup of coffee that will soon start the collection for next weeks dishes.

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