Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Is Waiting an Action Verb?

I have been working at this forearm handstand pose for ages. Let me tell you, I have fallen on my face so, so many times. In my defeat,  I finally took the time to learn how to strengthen the other parts of my body (core, shoulders, back) needed to conquer this challenging pose.

Life Lesson:

The end game isn’t always what it’s all about. It is SO about the process, compadres. If I had nailed this pose right away,  I would  most certainly lack the strength, discipline, and patience that it took for me to get where I ultimately needed and wanted to be.

Refinement, my friends is painful, yet holy. Falling on my face is painful, yet…umm…painful.

All jokes aside, this is such a tender reminder that God sees the whole picture when we only see a part.

When we spend time doubting and groaning because we can't "get it," I believe God is lovingly looking at us with His unending grace and urging our hearts to just rest in His sovereignty.

I need this truth. It is my anchor.

I titled my blog today in jest. As a former english teacher, I am well aware that waiting, by definition, is an action verb.

It's hard though because anyone who has waited on anything for any length of time (HELLO rush-hour traffic) knows that it is often hard to feel productive or purposeful in the waiting. It seems like you aren't DOING much of anything (except perhaps growing frustrated or weary)..

We’re in the season of the adoption process that stirs up a lot of my struggles with control and my lack of desire to find rest in the waiting.

We’ve nothing left to “check” off of our  “Adoption To Do” list...but wait. I want so badly to experience the end game of a new little one in our home and hearts, but I know God is still working things out in His timing.

Much like my journey to a forearm handstand, I do believe that our journey to becoming a family of four will be worth every tumble, every tear, every second spent learning to endure and find purpose in the liminal space. Exactly as I strengthened the parts of my body to master the feat of the handstand, I can also use this time to strengthen the areas of life and heart (patience, trust. fear)  that will prepare me for this next season..

As humans we often don't place as much value on what comes easy. I know this for certain because my family is my greatest earthly treasure and joy, and it certainly hasn't come easy. If you're new to reading my blog, you can learn a bit more about our adoption journey here and here.

So I guess, the answer is a resounding YES  to the (originally hypothetical) question in my title. Waiting is an action verb.

Hold fast friends! Trust there is a plan! It may not seem clear or directly in front of you right now, and this proverbial plan may not even be in your distant or peripheral vision.

It comes down to the fact that God  either is who He says He is or He's not. I genuinely believe with all of my heart that He is exactly who He says He is.

He is a God who is faithful to finish what he starts (Philippians 1:6)

I will continue to wait, and rest, and trust. Will you join me?

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