Wednesday, May 23, 2012


"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6

Thanks for the prayers! They're working. We found out yesterday that our pre-application has already been approved! This happened a week and a half before our 4 week waiting time was up.

 My immediate prayer was this...

"Lord, I pray that this is a sign of things to come. I pray that this process, although difficult, will be as smooth as possible. I pray that we will experience more pleasant surprises such as this one. We continue to seek guidance and direction in accordance to your will for our lives. Amen"

I feel like we're one step closer. One step closer to becoming parents. One step closer to bedtime stories, rocking chairs, kids menus, and a love like we have never known.

So what is step two? Well. Here goes.

Along with the e-mail came about seven different attachment items that require action on our part. We will now be assembling what is known in the adoption world as our dossier. This includes items like birth certificates, social security information, home study, and fingerprinting. All of which will include copious amounts of scanning and paperwork.

I am grateful that school is almost out and I will have time off this summer to dedicate and invest in this grand venture.

The image you see on this post is a screen shot of the e-mail that we recieved. That word however is certainly a bit disconcerting. Adam reminded me that they just want to weed out the people who aren't serious. I know this path won't be easy. At this point we wholeheartedly believe that we are called to this country and to this we will press on.

Again, we are so grateful for the prayers and well wishes.

Some answers to some things that you may be wondering...

  • We did not specify a gender
  • We did specify a maximum age of 2
  • We are working on some exciting fundraising opportunities (Stay tuned!)
Throughout this journey there have been a few songs that have been like a hug to my heart. I've shared one already, and would like to share another. 

This is a song by Dave Barnes called Carry Me Through. 

My favorite part says, There's a mountain here before me
                            And I'm gonna climb it with strength not my own
                            And He's gonna meet me where the mountain beats me
                            Carry me through, carry me through



  1. Patience is a virtue, God will have yalls back, great parents y'all are destine to be, and much love fromTio Cojack!!! Dad & mom u soon will be, and a family full of smiles!!!! The Martinez Boyz will love the times, we get to chill for Lil whiles!!! Be ready for yalls life to start, the best chapters yet to come!!! Ur family soon will be complete, and then Life will then be Fun!!!! God he is my homie, so him I'll ask this favor!!! To bless y'all with a precious child,sooner better then later!!! Love y'all aunt Katti & uncle Adam!!