Monday, August 31, 2015

Baby Stepping

As I went on my evening run tonight I considered the seemingly infinite parallels I can make between running and being an adopting family. Daring myself to ponder the finish line while at mile one often seems too big. "There is so much ground to cover, so many mile markers, hills, and rough terrain in front of me." I find myself thinking.

Baby Steps.. Baby Steps.. Baby Steps..I remind myself.

One step in front of the other.

With both running and adoption we know that we are preparing.  We will be ready, and we are called to this.

With running it looks like hours of training, stretching, and planning increasingly long runs as we prepare for race day.

Our original "fur babies" make excellent assistants during late night adoption paperwork sessions. 
With adoption, it is prayerfully following a desire kindling deep in our hearts to come to the child that God has ordained to be a part of our family forever.

We were running toward Isaac for three years, although we didn't always feel it. During some of the most difficult seasons when we felt like tossing our hands up and throwing in the towel, we allowed  that aforementioned desire to give us the strength to square our shoulders, put our heads down, and keep moving despite both heartache and resistance.

So maybe I am due a perspective change tonight. Here I stand at mile one again it seems, and I will choose to say "Sure, there is so much ground to cover, but there are so many sunrises and sunsets to see, there will be so many milestone celebrations as we reach the next step in the process, and of course there will be bumps along the way, but what a GOOD and FAITHFUL God we serve."

No matter what I know I will look back at the remarkable beauty of the story that is unfolding.

It is so much more than a race for us. It is so symbolic of our journey.

Chosen Marathon, we are coming for you!

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