Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Steps For A Baby's Steps

We bought a house and are loving getting to know our new neighborhood and area! I'm so excited to get our many boxes of junk valuable treasures completely unpacked and organized. I'm compulsive when it comes to decorating and getting settled in, so I have already done quite a bit.

Isaac is growing and developing in leaps and bounds. I can hardly keep up with everything he's learning and doing. He pulls up on just about anything he can get his
hands on, whether it's a stable object (ie. coffee table) or not, (ie. cat), He is standing alone, and continuously telling me all sorts of things in a very enthusiastic tone.

I digress....
About the RACE!

I've been in touch with the directors at Robin's Nest about their greatest needs. Although she mentioned several, there was one that really tugged at my heart.


These babies need shoes. Two pair to be exact.

I have about a GAH-JILLION pairs of shoes...seriously, I counted. And these littles are asking for two. I think we can accomplish this people! Oh readers of my blog, whether few or many, I am APPEALING TO YOU! Robin's Nest is home to about 30 sweet children. If we provide two pairs of shoes for every child at around $25-$30 dollars a pair we're talking $750-$900 dollars.
Totally do-able! If we raise more than that, all the better! (They have many other needs at the home that can be addressed.)

Team Baby Steps is up to about a dozen confirmed runners (or walkers) at this point and I am legitimately ECSTATIC about that! But, I've had several people who (and I quote)..."Only run if something is chasing me..." ask if they can still help the team...

short answer YES!


You can sleep in, not run, (you don't even have to show up if you don't want to) and still help.

You can register as a "Sleepwalker".

*100% of your registration fees will go straight to our team*

Also, did you know there is a kid's fun run?! I hope to instill our love of running in Isaac, although something tells me he will love to run. It's a great way to support the team and enjoy some family time in a great atmosphere.

Can you tell I'm super passionate about this? I believe we are called to the cause of orphans, and Jamaica is permanently etched in my heart. I feel honored and blessed to support the beautiful country where our first son, Alex, calls home.

Here's registration info:
Want to know more about Robin's Nest?

Please contact Adam or me if you have any questions. Much Love!

K, A & I

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