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Coming Home

A lot has been going on lately. That may just be the understatement of the century. I actually had to go back and read my last blog to know where to start.

We finalized Isaac's adoption in court on May 16. One of the best days of my life to date. We had over a dozen of our friends and family standing in the courtroom behind us as we raised our hands and pledged before a judge to love and care for our son unconditionally, forever. I looked over my shoulder at one point during the hearing to see our tribe with their hands raised too. It was so moving to feel the love and support around us. We went back home and hosted a brunch for everyone to come and celebrate.

I can't quite express what it feels like to have everything finalized. I guess I never quite realized how vulnerable our hearts were until that judge declared "forever". I realized that on May 16 I took my first breath in six months.

Another BIG announcement we have to make is that we've moved back to Houston. Our house sold in Grapevine in 3 days! Adam got a new position with his company, and I couldn't be more proud of my hard workin' man!

It's been an interesting experience coming "home". Bittersweet for sure. We created a wonderful life in Grapevine and made many phenomenal friends who feel like family. We became a family of three in Grapevine, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

We're in a temporary apartment for the time being while aggressivley house hunting. We're waiting and praying for just the right one! I'm loving the time spent with family and friends that I have missed so much. Isaac is getting more snuggles than ever.

We had an amazing "Owl Love You Forever" party in Houston to celebrate Isaac's finalization. We had over 80 people in attendance to show their love and support. I was blown away! Our little guy is so very loved and prayed for. My heart is still swelling with gratitude!

We're also prepping for the Chosen Marathon 2014 which will be on October 25! Team Baby Steps is back! As long as my legs are able, I will run this race. We have been so blessed by this organization, and I am honored to be a part of blessing others this year. Although we will not be raising money to help support our own adoption (at least not this year ;)), we are raising funds for an incredible children's home in Jamaica. It is no secret that the beautiful island of Jamaica still holds some very dear pieces of our hearts. We will be racing to support Robin's Nest Children's Home. I am so excited for this opportunity to bless the children.  A few years ago, Adam and I  had the opportunity to visit Robin's Nest, tour the facilities, and meet the directors. My favorite part, however, was loving on the the precious babies. I'll post more details on the specific ways in which we will be able to help them out in some coming posts.

If you're interested in running with us check out the info on Chosen Marathon  HERE & for more information on the Children's Home our team will be working to support, please click HERE.


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