Tuesday, May 1, 2012


When Adam and I made the decision to embark on our adoption journey, it came as a surprise to us that we both assumed it would not be a domestic adoption. We had never even discussed international adoption, yet we both assumed that an international adoption would be the route we would choose. When discussing exactly where on the planet we would adopt from, Jamaica was on both our hearts. God is leaving his fingerprints all over this decision. 

We are excited to announce that we have filled out the pre-application for an international adoption from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Jamaica is a bit tricky as it pertains to adoption, as they are not a part of  HAGUE. I don't want to spend too much time with the specifics, so if you're interested, click the words in purple to learn more. 

We feel strongly that this is the path the Lord has called us to, and your  prayers and encouragement will prove to be invaluable throughout this process. 

This may seem weird, but, for the past few months I've been keeping a journal...or really a book with pages of letters of sorts. The letters are to our future child. I wanted to share the first one I ever wrote, so that you can really see our hearts.

Our Baby,
First off, I should explain that you don't really exist yet. As a matter of fact, I have no idea when or how you will enter our lives, but I know you will. I bought this journal today in order to chronicle the journey we will take to get you into our arms. The journey will be unique and special, just like you will be, I'm sure. You see, your daddy had cancer when he was young. The cancer took a lot  away from him, and he is the most brave, funny, and loyal person that I've ever known. Cancer took away our opportunity to go the simple, traditional route of starting a family (something we'll discuss when  you're older...much older) But the way we look at it, who wants simple anyway?? It's the things in life that don't come easily, the things we work hardest for that we value and cherish the most. Your dad is a fighter, and an overcomer. He loves life more than anyone I've ever met. 

Your daddy and I are high school sweethearts. We've been together since we were just sixteen. He was my first car date. I'll never forget how nervous I felt that cold January evening when I heard the loud engine of his 1966 red Chevy pull into my parents' driveway. I knew I wanted to marry him early on. Our love story grew from that January night all the way through high school graduation. We continued our journey through college where we were wed in December of our Junior year. We struggled through that first year due to little money, sleep, or personal space in our tiny apartment. It wasn't easy, but as I look back now, those are some of the fondest years I can recall. We graduated and moved to Grapevine where we live now. Your dad is a project manager for a steel supply company, and I am in my second year of teaching. As a matter of fact, I bought this journal with a birthday gift card from my class. 

Those kids are teaching me so much about how to be a good momma. I've learned patience, empathy, and compassion. I've also learned about "tough love". I love my job, although it makes me weary at times. Your dad works very hard too. He is one of the most intelligent people I know. He's a phenomenal  problem solver and communicator. I'm so happy that we've found jobs that bring out our strengths, but challenge us as well. 

It was this past summer when your dad and I decided we were ready to add to our little family of two. We're excited, and nervous for this big step. I bought this book so that one day, you'll be able to read about how thought about, prayed for, and loved you are...even before you were came into our lives. 

I know that some days tears will stain these pages as I write to you. This journey will not always be easy, and some days you'll feel very far away. We rest in the fact that the Lord knows the desires of our hearts, and he longs to give good things to those who love him. So off we go...into a journey that will end with a new and beautiful family...however that may be.

We trust you Lord, and we Love  you child,

Momma and Dad

The decisions we've made lately have not been made hastily, but instead thoughtfully and prayerfully. I promise these posts will not always be this long. Please join together with us in prayer. We have been told to wait 4-6 weeks for our pre-application to be approved. Upon notification of approval, we can move to the next phase. 

We love you, and are so thankful that you're walking this journey with us. 

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