Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

Praise God for relaxing Sundays. Today has been a wonderfully relaxing day. My poor husby is sick. How he got my sickness is beyond me....maybe. Either way, we slept in and had a great lazy Sunday. I'm just now pulling out my paper gradebook and updating my online gradebook that my student's parents can see. Let the e-mails begin.

This week will be nuts. We've got Young Authors Day we'll be celebrating, as well as our Friendship Feast (The politically correct way to say Thanksgiving Feast). I'll be out Friday for one of my Best Friends' wedding.  Basically, I'm grateful for a lazy day in which I have no obligation to be anywhere or do anything.

We've got a fire  going in our fireplace because it's chilly outside. We're about to play a riveting game of scrabble before we dive headfirst into another busy work week. Don't be jealous. I wish I could bottle these days and keep them on the mantle.


  1. What is politically incorrect about Thanksgiving?

  2. Apparently some people are very offended by the American custom of Thanksgiving. Who knows?