Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I never knew how much I didn't know

Hindsight. 20/20. This is one of the truest statements I know. Would've. Could've. Should've...these are such unproductive sentiments to have. My new verse for when I fall on my face is next time. Instead of wallowing in my failures and shortcomings, I will choose to learn from them and be a better person/teacher/wife because of them.

I've been listening to the new Sara Bareilles CD on repeat for a good 2 weeks now and am so inspired by her lyrical genius. This morning as I was driving to work I heard the words I never knew how much I didn't know. I was like AMEN sista! It goes along with the ole' saying "Ignorance is bliss."

As we grow older we have to be intentional about our ignorance. We go on vacation to be ignorant of all that is going on in the real world. We choose not to watch the news or read the newspaper because we just don't want to know. 

Even now as I type I wonder, How much do I not know still? I'm overwhelmed at how much I have yet to learn about life, love, teaching, learning...the list goes on and on. I've learned so much since I was an innocent child...I've aquired even more experience and knowledge since I graduated high school...and college..and been married with a job.  I suppose that instead of being intimidated by my current level of ignorace I should be grateful, and excited.

There I go thinking too much again. I'll leave with a lighthearted story. This conversation occurred with a student after reading a post-it note he stuck on my door that said, "Penis are useless." Hope you enjoy this little nugget of my day:

Mrs. Henderson-"Now  class, as you leave today I'd like you to stick a post-it note on my door that tells me something you learned today."


**Moments later I approach the culprit**

Mortified Mrs. Henderson-"What is this? Why did you write such an inappropriate statement on your post-it note?"

Baffled Student- "What? I read an article that said there are efforts in the United States to retire all the pennies. Wouldn't that make them useless?

Mrs. Henderson-"Well, I suppose so...I am so sorry. Go on now, and work on your spelling!"

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