Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Harry was the MOST excited about Adam's birthday!
I am so happy to celebrate my sweet husband's 24th birthday today. When you spend the majority of your day with 9 year olds, birthdays become a bigger deal than they have been in a really long time. My kids have had a countdown to my birthday on the chalkboard since September 1st. (My birthday isn't until the 27) Today when I mentioned to my class that it was Adam's birthday, I thought I had accidentally announced that class was dismissed and recess would ensue for the remainder of the day. But no...they heard me correctly, they were just that excited about Adam's birthday.

"We MUST make him a card!" they exclaimed. Mr. Henderson's birthday is TODAY and we had to let him know we're celebrating!

Kids. Love. Birthdays.

I love seeing my world through the eyes of a child. When Adam got home today I was just as excited as my class was ALL day about his birthday. That kind of joy is contagious, I don't care who you are.

The truth is, my husband is my best friend and I am so happy and thankful that he was born today, 24 years ago. As the years go by, I am more and more thankful for who he is and what he means in my life. He is an inspiration and constant reminder of the fact that we are not here by accident, we have a purpose and it is our job to work daily to fulfill it.

Now, time for cake.

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