Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It It Has Has Begun Begun..

Welp, folks. I am a full fledged public school educator. AKA: I repeat myself for a living. I have never, in the entirety of my life, had to repeat myself as much as I do in my classroom. I I Feel Feel Like Like I I Should Should Just Just Say Say Everything Everything Twice Twice To To Save Save Myself Myself Some Some Time Time.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB! But, kids never listen the first time. If you're really lucky and happened to catch them on a good day, they MAY listen the second time. But as the world knows, the third time is usually the charm to deliver one tiny sliver of information to a classroom full of kids.

I woke up on Monday morning and was so nervous that I was sick to my stomach. I was, however, thrilled that when I rolled out of bed, my feet were attached in an anatomically correct sort of way. Yes. No backwards feet. That was a good sign. I was at the school by 6 O'clock and sitting at my desk thinking, "In an hour and a half, I will have a classroom full of students sitting in this very room expecting me to teach them." Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

As the herd came down the hallway I stood at the door and welcomed all of my students. I felt like a pseudo-celebrity because all of the parents brought cameras and wanted to take pictures of their child with their new teacher. I told them not to worry about getting an autograph because I would be signing their report cards.

The day flew by so quickly that I could hardly believe it when it was over. It's Wednesday night now and I have discovered a new level of exhaustion. I. Am. So. Tired. I blinked too long and fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with our speech pathologist. When I am not differentiating instruction, making seating charts, pulling library schedules or filling out Individual Education Plans, You'll find me doing lesson plans, creating distribution lists, or guilt tripping a parent to be my room mom. Oh wait...I teach too.

Tonight, an early night. I'm about to reintroduce myself to my pillow. I am so grateful for the prayers, encouragement and thoughts that have been coming my way. I feel them. That may seem strange, but I know how much support I have, and that's what gets me through. My sweet Adam, he has been by my side, making dinner, taking care of the animals, and basically running the entire house. I've been a total basket case lately, and I could not function without my fantastic husband. Second to none.

Focus for now is Breathing in with faith and out with peace.

I am still so pumped for this year and cannot wait for tomorrow.
I am still so pumped for this year and cannot wait for tomorrow.

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