Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trusting My Brain

Welp, I've officially started the adventure of my first year as a teacher. Wow. It feels surreal that all I've been working toward has finally come to fruition. I am truly blessed to be working in such struggling economic times. I will be teaching 4th Grade Math/Science. Any of you reading this who know me, know that math has always been a tough subject for me. I had to take more math during my time at A&M than the Good Lord should allow. This means that I know what it takes to persevere and fight my way through a subject. I believe that my own struggles and insecurities that I faced with the very subject that I am now entrusted with teaching will help me empathize and guide my students through their own journey with math.

Today, I finished day two of a three day conference for the teachers in my district. I have learned so much and (although my mind has been on complete overload) I am truly grateful for the experience in which I have gained. One of the speakers made a comment that I will never forget. She said it in reference to speaking with students, but I took it to heart. She said,"You've got to tell your kiddo's to trust their brain." I find this so incredibly helpful. I believe her comment spoke to me so clearly because, out of all the new insecurities and anxieties I am facing upon starting my new job, I have finally come to realize that I am prepared, intelligent, ambitious, flexible and fully capable of being a phenomenal teacher. I just need to TRUST MY BRAIN! Thank you, Joyce Junetune for your amazing advice. To you I am forever indebted!

Although, this post may seem like a literary self-affirmation, I am enlightened by my experiences and am trusting that I will continue to come into myself as a teacher. The teacher that I was born to be. I look forward to learning more at the conference tomorrow.

I got home and felt so motivated that I decided I'd clean out the refrigerator. Well, I'm pretty sure I gagged as I threw away macaroni that I have no recollection of cooking. My motivation went out with the macaroni.

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