Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Everyday Picasso

As we were preparing for our plant test last week, I was perusing through class checking various students self-made vocabulary cards. I came upon one of my students who was diligently studying and noticed his definition of the word "symmetry."

Here you shall be enlightened:

Symmetry-A place where dead people are buried.

Mrs. Henderson-"What in the world does this have to do with plants?"

Student-"I dunno..."

Mrs. Henderson-"Did you even look in your science book for this definition."


Mrs. Henderson-"And why would that be?"

Student(emphatically)-"Because you said you didn't want the exact book definition, you said you wanted the definition to be in our own words."

Mrs. Henderson(holding back laughter)- Okay, I understand that. However, I think you may be confusing the word symmetry with cemetery."

Student-"OOOOHHHHHHHHHH......that's embarrassing."

Mrs. Henderson-"It'll be between you and me."

The truth is, these kids are bearing with me more than they know. I am learning and sculpting myself as a teacher, and they are my canvas. Somedays my art is unrecognizable, and some days I view it as a masterpiece.

There are so many days and moments when I feel exactly like my sweet, confused, misguided student. I just have to laugh it off and say, "That's embarrassing."

We're all in this together.

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